How Artificial Intelligence can enhance the Capabilities of Humans on the Battlefield?

How Artificial Intelligence can enhance the Capabilities of Humans on the Battlefield?

When we think of “intelligent” weapons, most of us imagine “killer robots” that can independently target and kill anyone. The idea of the presence of such systems on battlefields has sparked several controversies that question the morality of using such weapon systems. But if we set the controversies aside, Artificial Intelligence can play a very important role in enhancing the army’s performance.

AI possesses powers that humans don’t

AI will enhance the capabilities of humans on the battlefield with the help of their ability to store and analyze data, access areas inaccessible by humans, and react at speeds humans can’t.

AI has problem-solving capabilities

AI technologies are not only capable of learning to interact with humans and teams but can also collaboratively solve problems as part of teams, thus maximizing the strengths of soldiers in the army.

AI boosts the efficiency of the military’s logistics system

A well-performing and efficient logistics system lies at the heart of any well-functioning army. Artificial Intelligence-powered systems can help increase efficiencies and reduce costs and wastage in the military’s logistics management.

AI can enhance cyberwar capabilities

As cyberwarfare becomes more sophisticated, more dangerous, and faster, it has become important to develop offensive and defensive cyberwar capabilities. By deploying specifically trained AI systems, cyberwar capabilities can be made more efficient and effective.

AI can help in the early detection of any suspicious activities

Artificial Intelligence, with the help of geospatial analysis, can help in the extraction of valuable intelligence from equipment such as automatic identification systems and radars, which can help in the timely detection of any suspicious or illegal activities and alert the concerned authority.

AI can enhance the army’s decision-making ability

Deep Learning machines can be used to make highly developed teams between humans and machines, where Artificial Intelligence helps humans take appropriate and timely warfare decisions.

AI-powered submersibles for mine detection

Submersible boats or craft can be powered with Artificial Intelligence to detect mines, enabling faster mine detection and suggesting the necessary action.

Faster target recognition using AI

Artificial Intelligence can enhance the accuracy of target recognition in complex combat environments. For example, Aided Threat Recognition from Mobile Cooperative and Autonomous Sensors (ATR-MCAS) uses artificial intelligence (AI) and a system of networked ground and air vehicles containing sensors to help people on the field predict where threats can come from. With the help of target recognition, machine learning (ML), and drones, the army can foresee the enemy’s movement and gather accurate data about where an attack can possibly take place.

Training of soldiers using AI

Artificial Intelligence can be used to construct models that can help soldiers train on various combat systems deployed during military operations. Virtual and Augmented Reality techniques can be used to create realistic and dynamic simulations for training the soldiers.

Despite having all the extraordinary powers, Artificial Intelligence lacks human capabilities, such as – flexibility, adaptability, common sense, and other human traits that help human armies to complete different missions. Therefore, the defense research teams are developing new evaluation and test methods for measuring human-AI teams’ effectiveness and how they can be deployed in the Army’s Next-Gen Combat Vehicle programs.